Tender Theme Documentation


Installation is a fairly easy process. In order to install your theme, first you must download the theme from our Dashboard. Now log into your WordPress site and perform the following procedure.

Step 1: Follow this path Appearance -> Themes -> Add New
Step 2: Click Upload Theme
Step 3: Click Browse... button
Step 4: Now browse and upload the recently downloaded theme
Step 5: Click Install Now button
Step 6: Now click ‘Activate’ link

For more about installation process, you can refer here.

Theme Options Panel

Tender Premium theme contains Theme Option Panel which is not available in the free version. In order to get to theme options panel, log into your site and go to Appearance -> Theme Options.


Tender Premium theme includes with it a slideshow which allows you to display up to 10 slides with overlay text like Slide Title, Description and a Button. You can view the demo of tender theme to understand see the slideshow in action.

Here are the 3 components that make up a slide in a slideshow. You can modify the following settings “individually” for each slide.

  1. Slide Image (Required): This is the image of your slide.
  2. Slide Overlay Title (Optional): This is the title text which floats over your image.
  3. Slide Overlay Description (Optional): This is the description text which floats over the image.

In order to manage these settings, go to Theme Options -> Featured Section and modify these settings for the required number of slides as listed below.

With Tender premium theme, you also get the ability to manage the various settings of a slideshow which are listed below:

About us

Using the About us section, you can display a small description about yourself or your organization with a background image, title, description and a button. To manage About us Section, go to Theme Options -> About us Settings.


The Services section allows you to display 12 different services with image, title, description and a button. To manage services section you will need to go to Theme Options -> Service Section.


The Testimonials section allows you to display up-to 10 testimonials with Client image, name, identity (CEO or WordPress Developer etc.) and testimonial. All the testimonials are displayed in a slideshow. To manage Testimonials section, go to Theme Options -> Testimonials.


The Contact section allows you to “ask” your visitors to contact you. You will need a Contact form for that, we recommend using Contact Form 7 Plugin. To manage Quote section, go to Theme Options -> Quote.