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  1. Google Analytics in not picking up the tracking code for this site I've tried the Google Real Time tool and also Tag Manager. I've checked that I entered the correct code in the Decent Theme settings. Could you possibly look at the page source code to see it you can identify the bug?
  2. I'm in the process of upgrading my site from an outdated theme to one of the premium Mudthemes. Some questions about merging existing plug-ins: Google Analytics - I currently use the MonsterInsights plug-in to insert the snippet. I prefer your method which avoids the need for a plug-in, but will I lose my Analytics history? Site Map - I use the Google XML Sitemaps plug-in to create the map. Should I change anything? Search Optimisation - I use Yoast SEO to create meta-titles and descriptions and other services. Will the change of theme disrupt existing search rankings? thankyou Bill Gunyon