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  2. Hello Bill, Add this to "Apperance -> Theme Options -> Custom CSS" .primarymenu-resp span { display: none; } .primarymenu-resp { padding: 18px; } Kind Regards.
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  4. thankyou. I would prefer to hide the "Menu" text.
  5. Hello Bill, On the mobile version, the text "Menu" is displayed on the left side and an icon for the menu displayes on the right. You can disable anyone of them. Please let us know which one you want to hide and we will provide you the code. Kind Regards.
  6. On the mobile version of Profound, the menu button is displayed twice, to the left and to the right (see The same issue is replicated in your demo I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not.
  7. Hello, Please add the following code to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Custom CSS. .sidebar-right-section a:link, .sidebar-right-section a:visited {color: rgb(86,142,189) !important;} Kind Regards.
  8. Individual posts are already left-justified which is fine. I expected the home page to be the same (as for Profound) but I've noticed that some other blogs use centre-justify on the mobile version of their home page. If it's not a bug, I suggest you leave it alone. Not too important for me. Bill
  9. thanks for prompt reply. The archives widget is now good, thanks. On hyperlinks, no, I'm not looking for mouseover highlighting. I'm looking for conventional highlighting. Links in the main body text are fine but, in the sidebar, there are situations where a link is not highlighted at all. For example, in the blog site , which uses Decent, the top sidebar widget contains the text "". This is a hyperlink but it isn't highlighted in any way. The same is true for the email address, although less important. There are similar examples in my other site which uses Profound. Bill
  10. Hello Bill, We will need your input on this. Do you need the post content to be left justified or the entire site content. Kind Regards.
  11. Hello Bill, Hyperlinks: Do you want to highlight the hyperlink links on your site when mouseover? Archives Widget: Please add the following to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Custom CSS. .widget_archive label { display: none; } .widget_archive select { margin-top: 20px; } Kind Regards.
  12. Home page text display for mobile version of Decent is centred rather than left justified. You can see this on your own demo or on Bill
  13. A couple of sidebar issues......... Hyperlinks - I can't see how to highlight links and email addresses with the primary colour. Your demo sites for Profound and Decent display highlighted llinks in the sidebar but these disappear as soon a the Style Switcher is deployed. Plenty of examples on my 2 sites (Profound and Decent respectively) eg: Archives widget - the title "archives" is duplicated in the wordpress standard archives widget. See the 2nd example above. Bill
  14. Hello, You can use the Contact Page Template which will by default show the Google Map for your desired location. Kind Regards.
  15. Hello Bill, Google Analytics: You can keep using the Monsterinsights plugin with any of our theme. If you are using MonsterInsight plugin then there is no need to use the Google Analytics feature provided in the theme. SiteMap: Yes, you can use Google XML sitemaps plugin to create your sitemap. Our themes won't affect any your existing sitemap. Yoast SEO: Absolutely, our themes support Yoast meta-titles and descriptions. We recommend backing up your site before making any changes to it. Kind Regards.
  16. I'm in the process of upgrading my site from an outdated theme to one of the premium Mudthemes. Some questions about merging existing plug-ins: Google Analytics - I currently use the MonsterInsights plug-in to insert the snippet. I prefer your method which avoids the need for a plug-in, but will I lose my Analytics history? Site Map - I use the Google XML Sitemaps plug-in to create the map. Should I change anything? Search Optimisation - I use Yoast SEO to create meta-titles and descriptions and other services. Will the change of theme disrupt existing search rankings? thankyou Bill Gunyon
  17. Query resolved via Email Support.
  18. I've created a landing page for one of my sites ( I checked the boxes to hide header and footer areas. The page still displays extra vertical space on top of the first element and below the last element. Does anyone know how to eliminate those spaces. Thx.
  19. Hello, Please try using this plugin: WP Page Widget Kind Regards.
  20. I see how to add widgets to the primary sidebar, which show up on every page, but how do I add widgets to show up on just one page of chosen, thanks ahead of time.
  21. All the best. Let us know if there is any other issue. Kind Regards.
  22. Thank you, that worked. For anybody technical who's following this, all that needs to be done is to add the following to the end of functions.php in the child theme directory (and to put a copy of responsive.css file, with its modified @media values, into the child theme directory): function custom_resp_dequeue() { wp_dequeue_style('responsive'); } add_action('wp_print_styles', 'custom_resp_dequeue'); function custom_resp_enqueue(){ wp_enqueue_style('custom_childtheme_responsive', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/responsive.css', array()); } add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'custom_resp_enqueue', 100); Some interesting things to note, which go beyond what I'd understood about WordPress functions in the past: Rather than overriding "responsive" by first removing an action or filter, its removal is accomplished through the addition of a removal (dequeue) action. (I have not encountered this before.) I also would never have guessed that the removal function being added would make use of wp_print_styles—that's nowhere to be found in the parent theme, so I'm guessing it's part of WordPress itself. I didn't need to remove an entire function after all (and then add a modified version back), but could instead specify a specific wp_enqueue_style() parameter—even with an arbitrary name. The function get_stylesheet_directory_uri() is also new to me, but very handy to know. Note: Specifying a priority on an add_action()—100 in this case—is also something I haven't done before.
  23. Hello, We have sent you the modified child theme via email. If the issue persists, do let us know. Kind Regards.
  24. Hello, Don't worry, just send us your child theme in a zip format at contact [at] and we will send you the code with correct enqueue functions. Kind Regards.
  25. The problem seems to be that the function enqueue_structure() doesn't use a default responsive stylesheet, but makes specific calls to wp_enqueue_style() with path parameters I don't want. I need to override the function enqueue_structure() with my own that uses different path parameters. (Unless I can override the wp_enqueue_style() function to always ignore the second parameter passed to it when the first parameter passed to it is 'responsive' . . .)
  26. Doing that, verbatim, gives me a fatal error: Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function wp_enqueue_style() I tried: wp_dequeue_style('responsive'); function enqueue_structure() { . . . } wp_enqueue_style('responsive'); and that didn't make any difference.
  27. Hello, You first need to dequeue the default responsive stylesheet in your child theme via the following statement. wp_dequeue_style('responsive'); Then you can add your responsive styling using the following function. (wp_enqueue_style reference) wp_enqueue_style(); Let us know if the problem persists. Kind Regards.
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