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  2. I did not try your suggestion yet. I used the following custom css, which works for computer and tablet. I do not know how to covert to 1 column for small screens. #footerbox_1 ul { height: 200px; display: flex; flex-direction: column; flex-wrap: wrap; list-style: none; } .footerbox_col_three { max-width: 100% !important; width: 100% !important; }
  3. Hello, Please add the following code to custom CSS in Theme Options and see if it works: #wrapper #sidebar-box .footerbox_col_three { width: 100% !important; max-width: 100% !important; } Kind Regards.
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  5. I was hoping that you could help with some css styling for the theme. I was able to do that for the Corpus theme. Can that be done with the Imprint theme?
  6. Hello, These requirements cannot be met as the category widget is a module of WordPress & it is designed in a way to show in a single column. Kind Regards.
  8. Hello, Please provide your site URL? Kind Regards.
  9. I have used the col 3 options from the theme options. I want to display only one footer, with the categories listed in it, wrapping into 5 columns. This is the css code I have used in the customize css section. I still get one column. Is there a solution? I have been successful with the Corpus theme. .footerbox_col_three { box-sizing: border-box !important; max-width: 20% !important; width: 20% !important; } @media only screen and (max-width: 600px) { .footerbox_col_three { width: 100%; } }
  10. Hello, We recommend that the height of the logo must be 30px whereas width can vary. Kind Regards.
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  12. What is the minimum, maximum size of a logo in the Corpus theme?
  13. Hello, We will be releasing a new update soon, that will fix the issue. Kind Regards.
  14. No, this effect is only in combination with this theme. We are using many different themes for different customers and for us. All other themes are working fine. Due to These error Messages we were also not able to Login. Till we will get a solution from your side, we eliminate the respective part of the php file.
  15. Hello, We are continuing this topic here: Kind Regards,
  16. Hello, Use this link ( to login to your site, try switching to any other theme and see if the issue persist. Also to hide these warnings you must set WP_DEBUG to false in your wp-config.php file. Kind Regards.
  17. Hello, we add this to the previous question. After upgrading to PHP7.3 we got these faiure reports: Warning: Illegal string offset 'featured' in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 64 --> $output[$key] = "0" Warning: Illegal string offset 'headboxes' in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 68 --> $output[$key] = "1" function mudthemes_of_sanitize_multicheck( $input, $option ) { $output = ''; if ( is_array( $input ) ) { foreach( $option['options'] as $key => $value ) { $output[$key] = "0"; } foreach( $input as $key => $value ) { if ( array_key_exists( $key, $option['options'] ) && $value ) { $output[$key] = "1"; Thanks in advance for your assistance to solve this issue.
  18. We updated to PHP7.3 and got a lot of failure Messages and we are unable to Login to WordPress. Have a look at Thank you for assistance . Kind regards Sonja Hurter
  19. Hello, Nice to hear that. All the best! Kind regards.
  20. Thanks for your reply, the slide is now working, I did not know that I have to check slide for each page and I have also seen Theme option under appearance. Regards
  21. Hello, We are working on your query. Please send us a screenshot of Theme options at [email protected] Kind regards.
  22. I have seen the Theme Options under Theme details in Themes but I can't get the slides to work Regards
  23. Thanks for your reply but the premium I downloaded did not have Theme Options, in fact it has fewer features than the free version may be I downloaded wrong files, in the theme panel the premium version just show black with premium written across top right corner while the free display the a mini look of the template. The premium do not even have slide at all, Please assist to solve this problem Regards
  24. Hello, The options panel for premium themes can be found on "Appearance -> Theme Options". For options panel, take a look at this documentation: Kind Regards.
  25. Hello, I bought the premium themes, downloaded and installed them but they are not working properly, they offer fewer options than the free version and the customization is showing fewer options than the free version. Kindly assist Regards
  26. Hello, We are trying to load your site, but its not loading. You can still try adding the following code to the Custom CSS and see if it works. Custom CSS is located in "Appearance -> Theme Options" .flex-caption { display: none !important; } Kind Regards.
  28. Hello, We are working on your issue. Kindly send us a screenshot of the errors on [email protected] Kind Regards.
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