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  2. Hello, Sorry, as of now you cannot directly add links to the user bio (Title) fields in the Counsel Theme. We will see if we can add this feature in future. Kind Regards.
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  4. hello I use the Counsel theme and on home page I'd like add a link to reach an interne page of my blog from the employees section how can I do that ? I tried a html link in the dialogue box Employee #1 (Title): but that doesn't work could you help me ? thanks
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  6. Hello, Good to hear that. We will see if there are any compatibility issues with latest version of PHP and our theme. All the best, Kind Regards.
  7. I solved, thanks. The problem is that the theme does not support the latest versions of PHP
  8. Hello, Please provide us your site URL. Kind Regards.
  9. Hello, I need help with the theme of my website. I bought Corpus theme about 3 years ago and I never had any problems but today the site looked like in the screenshot. I tried to disable plug-ins but nothing. Could you help me understand where the problem is? Thank you
  10. Hello Ming, You will need to use Counsel theme as Profound theme only provides simple blog format display. Kind Regards.
  11. Is it possible to allow the Profound theme to display posts in two column format, such as themes like Counsel? I like features of the Profound theme but wasn't able to figure this out. Thanks.
  12. Hello, There was some issues with our backend. We have fixed them out. The problem is resolved. You can download all 10 themes without any issues. Kind Regards.
  13. I still do not have access to the Grace theme download. As a matter of fact, I can only download 8 themes, not the 10 premium themes that you offer. Is there a solution to the problem? Regards.
  14. Hello, If you want to display service section in the tender theme, you will need to set "Your latest posts" as your homepage option (see here) and service section and other sections will display automatically. If you want to hide any of them, we will be releasing an update shortly that will provide options in the Theme Options area to hide them. Kind Regards.
  15. is the site in question. On another site i have there is a section under the theme options that has a three dimensional boxes and then Homepage Sections where you can tick those sections that you want to see. In the this option isn't there.
  16. Hello, All the settings in Tender theme are available under "Appearance -> Theme Options". Please share you site URL so that we can look into the problem. Kind Regards.
  17. Just loaded and installed tender onto an existing site. The service section doesn’t display. Anyone know why this might be. A setting elsewhere perhaps. in the corpus theme there is a page with the various options that you check or uncheck for the items that you want to see but I cannot see this on tender. alan
  18. Hello, Yes, if a WordPress installation is running on IIS then our themes will definitely work along. Please go through this documentation. Kind Regards.
  19. Hello, You can follow the installation process as described here: Kind regards.
  20. I formulated the question incorrectly. Do any of your themes work under the Microsft IIS server, which support applications ans wordpress? Tewntynineteen for example works in the Microsoft environment. Regards
  21. How can I install and activate the premium theme please?
  22. Hello, We are looking into the details and will respond soon. Kind Regards.
  23. Hello, Our themes only work on WordPress installations. Kind Regards.
  24. I purchased an all-themes license. The Grace theme does not appear in the dowload list. How do I download the Grace theme? Regards
  25. Do any of the premium themes work in the environment?
  26. Do any of the premium themes work in the environment?
  27. You are welcome!
  28. Thanks, it worked.
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